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Timber Disk Support at Van Dyk.
Some Notes on Improved Techniques in the Sinking and Equipping of Circular Concrete - Lined Shafts.
Installation of a Brattice Wall in the 4 A Ventilation Shaft, Free State Geduld Mines.
The Use of Concrete for Stope Support on Harmony Gold Mining Company, Ltd.
The Planning, Layout and Sinking of Vaal Reefs South.
Pre - Stressing for Timber Support in Stopes with Screw Jacks on Kinross Mines, Limited.
Stope Ore - Boxes.
Organisation, Planning and Control.
Some Aspects of Mining Practice.
Improvements in Scraper Practice and the Introduction of a Shadow - Line Indicator for the Controlled Drilling of Face Holes in Stopes.
The Cutting of a New Station in an Operating, Timbered Rectangular Shaft at the Grootvlei Proprietary Mines, Ltd.
Mining with Backfill for Multi - Reef Conditions at Cooke 3 Shaft.
Notes on Labour Utilization and Mechanization (Single Overlap Shift).
Some Forms of Training in the Rand Mines Group.
A Drop - Bottom Car for use on 2 - Ft. Gauge Track.
Extraction of No. 6 Shaft Pillar Area, Durban Roodepoort Deep, Ltd.
Some Notes on a Light Scraper Slide.
Pre - Grouting of the Dolomite at No. 4 Shaft, Hartebeesfontein.
Mechanically - Operated Ventilation Doors.
The Support and Ventilation of Stopes at Depth.
Current Ventilation and Refrigeration Practice at Loraine Gold Mines, Ltd.
The Extraction of a Shaft Pillar at Shallow Depth.
The Industrial Relations Implications of a Mechanisation Strategy in the Mining Industry.
The Application and Maintenance of Standard Mining Practices on Rustenburg Platinum Mines, Limited (Rustenburg Section).
Fanakalo Training for Learner Officials on Mines of Union Corporation.
Mining an Iner - Shaft Haulage at Welkom Gold Mine Using Mechandised Drilling Jumbos.
Methods of Breaking and Handling Ore on East Geduld.
The Diagonal Gully Stoping System Employed by Blyvooruitzicht Gold Mining Company, Limited.
Development of the Ore Reserves.
The Methods Planning and Control of Development Operations as an Adjunct to the Efficient Utilization of Native Labour.